Property Tax

Property tax is theft of individual wealth.  

You have already paid your tax on your income and used what is left to purchase a home or homestead.  You then must pay sales tax on the purchase, and then continue to pay taxes on your purchase for the rest of your life.  This is criminal.  It is criminal because the private ownership of your property never truly belongs to you.  You are forever beholden to “renting” your own property from the government. If you do not pay, they will take your property.  

We need a better system.  We need reform that provides all of us with a stronger state, and more cohesive communities.  It is my belief that our current system is holding people back and creating a usefulness of debt living. By putting in a reform that abolishes property tax on property that has been purchased and paid in full, with no debt from a bank or lender, we encourage people to establish a safety net and position themselves in a way that provides a very useful foundation of prosperity.  This solution also encourages people to stay in our state and not jump from job-to-job.  In this day and age, many people can work from nearly anywhere; why not give these people an incentive to stay here in Iowa?  Farm bankruptcy is at an all-time high; why not give these people an opportunity to have relief from their property tax while they weather storms, drought, floods, trade wars?  Instead of needing to be bailed out, these people can work and live with the security of knowing that at least their property is safe and they will always have that to lean on when times get hard.  This also frees up a significant portion of income for most Iowans.  Most families are working two jobs just to pay for childcare and mortgages. By providing an incentive for people to live mortgage-free, we automatically provide a safety net for a lost job, an accident, or an illness: many situations a person may need to depend on the government to be able to survive.  By encouraging people to provide their own safety net, we make our state stronger.  

Instead of asking “How do we prevent poverty?” we should be asking “How do we encourage prosperity?”.  We can’t prevent poverty, it is a station of life that will always be, but we can encourage people to find prosperity and that is more valuable than the US dollar, it is wealth that will ripple from one generation to the next in immeasurable forms.